Iconic Villas and Townhouses

Embodying style, culture and tradition, these elegant homes are built to last

The grand façades of these high-end townhouses, situated in a prime Berlin location, skilfully blend classical and contemporary details

My childhood was sheltered and happy,” wrote Thomas Mann of his early life. “We five brothers and sisters grew up in an elegant townhouse, built by my father for himself and his loved ones (…).”

A townhouse such as the Manns’ is not just a house – it is, first and foremost, a home. Wandering around its rooms is like browsing through an album of personal memories and stories. With both townhouses and villas however, architecture doesn’t stand still; new generations put their own stamp on them, tailoring the design to their personal needs.
In the 19th century, a great many well-off families built themselves villas in suburban or out-of-town locations. Park-like gardens, impressive façades and grand ground-floor reception rooms with fabulous sight lines towards the surrounding greenery were the defining features of these elegant residences, features that have defined this upmarket dwelling type ever since.

Kentenich Hof Luxuswohnungen Düsseldorf 5
Behind the handsome main building at our Kentenich Hof development in Düsseldorf are a pair of enchanting villas set in their own individual gardens – private sanctuaries that combine city living and leafy surrounding

City villas such as RALF SCHMITZ’s Griegstrasse properties in Grunewald, Berlin, or our premium Dahlem Duo development on Gelfertstrasse are perfect examples of how today’s architects and landscape designers continue to strive for this synthesis of home and garden. Like our classically inspired Crescent Gardens in Düsseldorf, where a terrace of five English-style townhouses gently arcs around a private pocket park, such properties are proof of how traditional architectural forms continue to appeal and how at home we still feel in their midst.

Rubenstrasse Sebastian Treese Architekten
Currently under development in Düsseldorf’s exclusive Zooviertel, this quintet of chic, brick-clad homes nods to the charming Flemish style

For those seeking spacious accommodation and generous gardens but not prepared to move out of the city, our townhouses and villas are the ideal solution. With their tranquil yet metropolitan locations, they marry the benefits of big city living with the peace and quiet of a large out-of-town house and are, depending on size, a great choice either for families or for couples who want to live and work at home. Traditional, contemporary and supremely comfortable – Thomas Mann would have surely have approved of these refined city residences.