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Ralf Schmitz Showvilla Hamburg


Please visit our new showroom in Nienstedten.

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The new ensemble planned by Sebastian Treese Architekten in Hamburg-Nienstedten offers unique architecture with fascinating building details.

In the Charlotte-Niese- / and Gerstenbergstraße, our elegant buildings is approaching their completion. Four townhouses and a single villa are presented in an aesthetic and classic way, which have all the ingredients of a luxury property. In the RALF SCHMITZ show villa at Gerstenbergstrasse 29, the interior designers Horsch & Huebscher created a tasteful amosphere with fine furniture and stylish designer pieces.

Hamburg-Nienstedten Charlotte Niese Showroom Kueche
Hamburg-Nienstedten Charlotte Niese Showroom Kueche
Hamburg-Nienstedten Charlotte-Niese Showroom Wohnzimmer
Hamburg-Nienstedten Charlotte-Niese Showroom Wohnzimmer

You may be particularly interested in our latest project in Hamburg-Uhlenhorst? We will glady introduce another top-class residential building during your visit.

Please visit our showroom by making an appointment by phone. You can also reach me directly on my mobile +49173 616 4257.

Maciej Auda
Head of Acquisition and Sales Berlin

And by the way: We comply to the current COVID-19 regulations, we have disposable masks and hand disinfectants ready and will keep minimum distances.

Hamburg Nienstedten – Charlotte-Niese Showroom
Hamburg Nienstedten – Charlotte-Niese Showroom
Hamburg Nienstedten Charlotte-Niese Showroom Kueche @Joachim Behr / Horsch & Huebscher
Hamburg Nienstedten Charlotte-Niese Showroom Küche @Joachim Behr / Horsch & Huebscher

Ralf Schmitz in Hamburg – timeless luxury

A relative newcomer to Germany’s second city, RALF SCHMITZ has been building high-end residential property in Hamburg since 2011, bringing architecturally outstanding luxury villas and apartment buildings to the firm’s newest and most northerly location.
True to the company motto “Only Quality Endures”, our Hamburg developments are designed to meet the needs of the most discerning customers, customers looking for genuinely exceptional homes.

Situated either in attractive suburban areas or exclusive central locations, they combine Hanseatic tradition with a rich architectural heritage forged on the Lower Rhine. Like all our properties, they feature Ralf Schmitz’s unmistakable architectural signature and consistently excellent build quality, offering luxury homes of timeless style and enduring craftsmanship that will retain their value over the long term. After all, our customers have the same standards and expectations whether they are in Kempen, Hamburg or elsewhere. Be they prestigious townhouses close by the Alster river or exclusive apartments in idyllic Nienstedten, these superb homes feature the harmonious blend of light, space and tranquillity that is a hallmark of all our built work.

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