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Stylish living combined with selected garden art. Elegance meets discreet luxury in a class of its own: Surrounded by old oak, extensive parks surrounded by four lakes Diana-, Hertha-, Koenigs- und Hubertussee.

In the historic Grunewald villa district, you can always see the elaborate landscape planning of the time it was created in the 19th century: a time in which architecture and garden art have been harmoniously combined with high standards.

Garten Menzelstraße Berlin-Grunewald
Garten Menzelstraße Berlin-Grunewald
Fassade Menzelstraße Berlin-Grunewald
Fassade Menzelstraße Berlin-Grunewald

The garden belongs exclusively to the villa apartment and serves as a retreat in absolute privacy. The apartment is part of an ensemble of houses made up of two city villas, which the renowned architects PETRA and PAUL KAHLFELDT planned to perfection. The building’s biography is reflected in the design that borrows inspiration from the classics without simply copying them. The representative around 33 square meter entrance hall with a beautifully designed natural stone floor is one of the many special features that show the cleverly thought-out composition of the living environment. In the luxury apartment, finely selected materials refine the spacious floor plan of 281 SQUARE METERS. The representative luxury property on the mezzanine floor was equipped as a showroom with high-quality furniture from the luxurious home collection of the Italian label BOTTEGA VENETA. Come in!

Berlin Grunewald Menzelstrasse-Dining-Table
Showroom Menzelstrasse 20 - Entrance area with a view in the living room
Grundriss Menzelstraße Berlin-Grunewald
Grundriss Menzelstraße Berlin-Grunewald

The cleverly thought-out floor plan of the luxury apartment on the representative mezzanine embodies the typical RALF SCHMITZ sense of space and proportions. Ceiling heights with a Wilhelminian style up to 3.20 meters and an excellent sequence of rooms characterize the special feeling of living: Around a central foyer are symmetrical-classic living rooms connected by double doors. There are also retreats, well-designed utility rooms such as a cloakroom, utility room and dressing room, as well as luxurious bathrooms. The grand entrance hall with natural stone floors and a designer pendant light leads into the 52 square meter living room. From here, wonderful double doors open into the stylish, almost 30 square meter rooms on the left and right.

The inviting enfilade of the trio of dining room, living room and library faces the lush, stylish garden with a magnificent terrace. The imposing garden extends over an area of ​​850 SQUARE METERS and is an exclusive part of the luxury apartment.
The private retreat area consisting of the master bedroom, large dressing room and master bathroom extends over the entire right side of the apartment and covers over 50 square meters.

A luxurious BOTTEGA VENETA bed with a linen headboard is framed by two floating bedside tables with a typical braided leather look. Two beautiful rooms to the left of the entrance hall can be easily set up as additional bedrooms, guests or study rooms. Practical features such as cloakroom, HWR, a tailor-made security concept and the large underground car park are also part of the offer. Exquisite details such as the Warendorf kitchen, custom-made room doors, oak parquet and gypsum stucco in architectural quality round off the special luxury property.

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