A commitment to quality spanning five generations

There’s no better place to explore the impressive architectural heritage of RALF SCHMITZ than Kempen on the Lower Rhine, the town that is the firm’s birthplace and remains its home base to this day.
Be it luxury residences in high-value locations, the municipal hospital and grammar school, or the striking Klosterhof complex – a central residential and retail development that blends beautifully with the historic surroundings of old Kempen – in this small West German town, the Schmitz family’s architectural signature can be seen in so many locations and in virtually all its most stylish real estate. With these important buildings, RALF SCHMITZ has made a major contribution to the town’s varied and cultured urban landscape.
Kempen has always played a central role in the life of this family firm – a firm that has been bringing high-quality traditionally constructed buildings to its home town for five generations. Driven by a desire to create tasteful and comfortable living environments, this commitment to quality real estate has been our guiding principle throughout our 150-year history.