As a fifth-generation family firm, RALF SCHMITZ offers more than just luxury homes. We also offer a tradition – a tradition of ensuring every new property we develop is exceptional in every possible way.

From planning to completion, we are uncompromising in our pursuit of quality. That means choosing only the very best plots and locations, commissioning leading architects with a distinct style, working with skilled contractors, and collaborating with internationally renowned interior and landscape designers to put the creative finishing touches to our properties.

A truly exceptional home, however, is one whose every last detail meets the owner’s individual needs. That’s why RALF SCHMITZ also guarantees personal service and support throughout the purchase process, during the move, and even afterwards too.


The location, of course, is the starting point for any development, with the plot and its surroundings helping to determine the character and style of its architecture. RALF SCHMITZ selects only the most exclusive of locations, locations that are in keeping with the high-quality ambience of our properties and that ensure they will remain valuable assets for generations.


A well-proportioned facade

Fitting architecture

Symbiosis of old and new

RALF SCHMITZ benefits from long-standing relationships with a group of internationally renowned architects. With their shared enthusiasm for contemporary takes on the timeless classical theme, these practices have, over the decades, helped to create a trademark RALF SCHMITZ style – a style defined by elegant façades that reference great European traditions and spacious interiors that eschew short-lived trends in favour of enduring aesthetic quality.


Handmade stucco

Creating a property of exceptional quality is not just about the design, however, but also about the quality of workmanship that goes into its execution. RALF SCHMITZ works only with genuine masters of their craft, people still proficient in the traditional skills of their trade, be it stonemasonry, metalwork, parquetry fitting, window installation or stair-making. What’s more, the fixtures and façade details they create are often custom-made for the specific property.


Fine furniture in harmonious interiors

Customized manufacture of all fittings

Thanks to the work of leading interior designers and landscape gardeners, each of our developments offers an exclusive ambience that is beautifully in tune with the building’s design. Grand lobbies and staircases with specially developed furniture and lights, opulent lifts, fine bathrooms finished in first-class materials, indoor and outdoor spaces that often feature carefully curated artworks: all this is painstakingly combined to create a harmonious and highly impressive whole.


For selected projects, we also work with world-renowned creative partners. Bottega Veneta, under the creative direction of Tomas Maier, has thus developed exclusive interiors for our Eisenzahn 1 project in Berlin, while the legendary landscape designer Louis Benech, whose most famous projects include his contribution to the gardens at Versailles and his work for Yves St. Laurent, has designed beautifully landscaped spaces for one of our luxury developments in Grunewald, Berlin.

Bottega Veneta in Berlin

Entrance hall Eisenzahn 1 with Bottega Veneta interiors

Bottega Veneta

Steeped in the traditions of Italian master leather craftsmen, Bottega Veneta has established a unique philosophy of Italian art de vivre, which it now applies to a full range of collections for women and men. For our luxury Eisenzahn 1 development, Tomas Maier designed the lobby and show apartment using furniture, textiles and accessories from the Bottega Veneta home collections, while also handpicking the wall colours, flooring, cabinetry, appliances and artwork to fully realize his vision for each space.

Louis Benech

A garden idyll on the doorstep – devised by star landscape designer Louis Benech for our Leo-Blech-Platz development in Grunewald, Berlin.


Customizing in detail

At RALF SCHMITZ, we like to think of the relationship between homebuyer and developer as a partnership. That’s why we offer our clients professional advice and support from their very first contact with us to the moment they move in. But it doesn’t stop there: RALF SCHMITZ clients can also call upon our extensive network of skilled contractors and expert designers.

What’s more, we also have our own property management service whose specialist team looks after all the day-to-day aspects of maintenance and care, as well as dealing with security matters.

Maintenance services