Bringing architectural traditions to life – luxury real estate Berlin

Berlin has an architectural landscape that’s every bit as diverse as the city itself. Since the company established a presence in the German capital in 2004, RALF SCHMITZ has made a significant contribution to the luxury end of its real estate mix, building exclusive residential property in high-profile locations.
From modern lofts in the creative district of Mitte, elegant apartments just off Kurfürstendamm to luxury homes in refined Westend, idyllic newbuilds in Dahlem and dream villas in Grunewald, Ralf Schmitz creates homes of exceptional character in first-class locations.
At RALF SCHMITZ, we have over 150 years’ experience as builders and developers and an unwavering commitment to creating enduring architecture. In Berlin, we are applying that expertise and dedication to the task of reviving the city’s once glorious but, in many areas, now somewhat diminished architectural heritage. With refined designs, superlative craftsmanship and first-class build quality, allied to an uncompromising pursuit of prime locations, RALF SCHMITZ aims to breathe new life into Berlin’s long-neglected architectural traditions.