Menzelstraße Berlin-Grunewald Aussenfassade

Brick villas in Grunewald

Address Wernerstraße / Menzelstraße, Berlin-Grunewald
Completion 2018
Status sold

Sand-coloured plaster surfaces subtly accentuate the two elegant properties made of brick in a warm golden red tone. In each, there are three exceptional residences ranging in size from 211 to 308 square metres. Representative room sequences with excellent finishes and today's high-tech characterise the floor plans, and there are also room heights of up to 3.20 metres.

Just in the same way that a conductor must have a feel for the beats and tempi in order to create a perfect unity in an orchestra, the architect, developer and craftsmen must also be in harmony in order to build. Where Wernerstrasse and Menzelstrasse meet, two striking townhouses are being constructed in a reductively interpreted yet clearly legible reference to classical architecture. Historically familiar stylistic elements such as the plinths, decorative panels and portal surrounds made of natural stone hark back to the spirit of the place, to the building biography of the quarter – a complex that unites modernism and classicism.

Representative rooms with excellent finishes and modern high-tech characterise the floor plans; room heights of up to 3.20 metres can be found throughout the apartment. Classic living rooms connected by double doors are grouped around a central foyer, along with more intimate retreats, well thought-out utility rooms such as a cloakroom, housekeeping room and dressing room, as well as luxurious bathrooms.

The flats on the mezzanine floor have natural stone terraces of more than 70 square metres and, of course, gardens; the upper floors have loggias of about 20 square metres with a view of dignified old trees; and terraces of 70 and 90 square metres surround the penthouses (each with a direct lift access).

Two underground parking garages, whose driveways are cleverly planted with shrubs, with a total of 12 parking spaces with modern security technology. Here you live ten minutes by car from the urban boulevard Kurfürstendamm, but in the midst of the green serenity of the Grunewald.