Duesseldorf-Oberkassel Carmenstrasse Fassade


address Carmenstraße 5/5A, 40549 Düsseldorf
architects Sebastian Treese Architekten
completion 2016
status sold

Two residences subtly reference the architecture of turn-of-the-century villas via features such as gable-fronted pitched roofs, slender cornices and raised ground floor porches with cross-vaulted ceilings.

Located in the heart of one of the city’s most sought-after river districts, these two residences subtly hint at the architecture of turn-of-the-century mansion ceilings. The layout, on the other hand, is completely contemporary, with a kitchen with family room on the lower ground floor, refined reception rooms and a loggia on the upper ground floor, children’s rooms on the next level and the parents’ domain upstairs in the house.

Duesseldorf-Oberkassel Carmenstrasse Treppenhalle
Duesseldorf-Oberkassel Carmenstrasse Treppenhalle
Duesseldorf-Oberkassel Carmenstrasse Waschtisch
Duesseldorf-Oberkassel Carmenstrasse Waschtisch © 2015 by Jörg Hempel; www.joerg-hempel-com

In the master bathroom, the free-standing bath from the British design company Victoria & Albert, supplemented by a separate shower, is impressive. In addition to four fine natural stone variants, there is also the option of light-colored porcelain stoneware tiles.

Duesseldorf-Oberkassel Carmenstrasse Strassenansicht
Duesseldorf-Oberkassel Carmenstrasse Strassenansicht