Duesseldorf Sybelstrasse Cresent Garden Fassade

Townhouses Crescent Gardens

Completion 2015
Status Sold
Address Sybelstraße 24 b-f, 40239 Düsseldorf

Dream homes in central Düsseldorf that pay tribute to London’s grand terraces. Who doesn't know them, the iconic row houses in the exclusive residential areas of London.

Classicist portals, staggered floors and a pocket park underline the authentic lifestyle. Don’t be fooled by the symmetrically balanced facades – the interior is a paradise for individualists.

Fireplaces and tastefully laid parquet floors contribute to the coziness in the generously flowing living rooms, and there are no limits to extravagant customer requests in order to make this special property an exceptional property that is tailored to personal needs.

Duesseldorf Sybelstrasse Cresent Garden Ansicht
Duesseldorf Sybelstrasse Cresent Garden Ansicht
Duesseldorf Sybelstrasse Cresent Garden Eingang
Duesseldorf Sybelstrasse Cresent Garden Eingang

The raised ground floor cleverly shields from prying eyes and two roof terraces with green views ensure absolute privacy.
Another very typical feature of English townhouses is the basement: in addition to a direct exit to the garden, it offers plenty of space for a work area and charming guest rooms.