Townhouse Düsseldorf Rubensstraße Frontalansicht

Townhouses Rubensstraße

Architect Sebastian Treese Architekten
Completion 2018
Status sold

Discreetly quoted building tradition in a prime location with a picturesque character fulfills lifestyle dreams.

Rubenstrasse Düsseldorf Fassade
Rubenstrasse Fassade Close-up mit Vorgärten und Eingangsdetails

A touch of Belgian living culture has emerged in the exclusive zoo district: behind stylishly laid out front gardens and characteristic brick facades with their iconic gables and typical lattice windows, high-quality interiors are hidden away from all conventional standards.

Artfully laid herringbone parquet, natural stone bathrooms and light Carrara marble in the entrance area meet the highest demands on a luxury property not far from Düsseldorf city center.

Townhouse Düsseldorf Rubensstrasse Fassade Detail
Die luxuriösen Einfamilienhäuser in der Rubensstraße im exklusiven Zooviertel in Düsseldorf schmücken Backsteinfassaden, Balkone, großzügige Terrassen und ein weitläufiger privater Garten.
Düsseldorf-Oberkassel Rubensstrasse Fassade Bauschild
Düsseldorf-Oberkassel Rubensstrasse Fassade Bauschild Ralph-Richter

The Flemish painter and namesake of the popular Düsseldorfer Straße would certainly have enjoyed architectural features such as a hallway that allows a view into the kitchen through a small window, small balconies and terraces that lead into the spacious gardens. In the middle of the city and yet in the country – Rubensstrasse combines the advantages of living in a big city!