Hamburg-Nienstedten Charlotte-Niese Blick Garten

Nienstedten residences

Address Charlotte-Niese-Strasse 23 / Gerstenbergstrasse 29, 22609 Hamburg
Architects Sebastian Treese Architekten
Construction 2018 to 2020
Number of houses 4 Townhouses, 1 Villa

Four townhouses and the single villa in the typical solid brick work, offer lavish living space from a around 230 to almost 350 square meters. Close to the Elbe and the city center, the best schools and sports clubs guarantee upscale family life in the most beautiful of the Elbe suburbs.

There are many reasons to spend more time with family, but the most important one must be that it makes us happier and healthier. This much we know for sure. The more time we spend with our loved ones, the longer our lives. But where in the hubbub of daily urban life can we find a place to retreat to with the whole family? Where can we find the blissful feeling of finally being at home?

We all have fond memories of childhood bike rides down quiet sandy paths, no cars in sight, just an abundance of nature and fresh air. Playing outside in your own yard, being able to unfold your wings freely and spending quality time with beloved family pets. Is this pure nostalgia? No. Places like this are rare, yes, but they exist – in Hamburg’s Nienstedten!

Die Häuser von Nienstedten Hamburg Straßenansicht
Die Häuser von Nienstedten Hamburg Straßenansicht
Hamburg Nienstedten Charlotte Niese Haus1
Hamburg-Nienstedten Charlotte Niese Haus1

The most beautiful of the five suburbs on the Elbe, Nienstedten lays great importance on its community and the personal relationships nurtured within. Children grow up in a first-class neighborhood, safe and well-prepared for all that life has to offer. Real Nienstedters get together in the excellent schools and clubs of the neighborhood. Lifelong friendships are made while playing golf, hockey and polo or going sailing.

The wonderful atmosphere of this neighborhood is carried over into its charming urban villas and, by extension, its families. On each floor, generously sized rooms open up like a dream. This generosity of space is elemental to harmonious family life and crucial for a high standard of living. Children have their own domain, parents have room for relaxation and guests are welcome at any moment in the grand living spaces.

The promise inherent in these family villas is that children are given the space to grow up safely and without a care in the world, giving them the perfect springboard for their future.

Hamburg Nienstedten Charlotte-Niese Showroom Wohnzimmer @Joachim Behr / Horsch & Huebscher
Hamburg Nienstedten Charlotte-Niese Showroom Wohnzimmer @Joachim Behr / Horsch & Huebscher