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Only online, we would like to present our completed residential ensemble by RALF SCHMITZ in Hamburg -Nienstedten. Here, the renowned interior designers of Horsch & Huebscher have succeeded in merging hanseatic understatement, the nobility of classic residential architecture and the glamour of the early 1950’s into an elegant and timelessly modern symbiosis.

“With timeless Aesthetics, the family business carries the elegance of classical Architecture into the Future”

Hamburg Nienstedten Charlotte-Niese Showroom Wohnzimmer @Joachim Behr / Horsch & Huebscher
Hamburg Nienstedten Charlotte-Niese Showroom Wohnzimmer @Joachim Behr / Horsch & Huebscher

The high-quality designed spaces communicate the standards of living, RALF SCHMITZ is committed to. The interior designers chose a bespoke mix: Antiques and luxurious custom-made pieces with highest care for craftsmanship meet design classics of the 20th century. Strolling through the spacious villa, one quickly immerses into the beautiful idea of how it might feel to live in this special place. Style and elegance, grandeur and pure luxury, perfection in craftmanship and the love of exclusive details are palpable and convey a feeling of anticipation of very special lifestyle. Passing by, your hand feels the cool smoothness of the Carrara marble in the kitchen, your gaze lingers on the striking shape of the chairs and a homey fire in the fireplace already flickers in your mind’s eye.

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Here classicism, comfort and hanseatic serenity combine to create modern luxury. In keeping with the dignified restraint that is cultivated in Othmarschen, the detached property was executed in a reduced, elegant manner and with perfect craftmanship.


Four townhouses and the single villa in the typical dignified brick design offer lush living spaces ranging from 230 to almost 350 square meters. Proximity to the Elbe and the city, the best schools and sports clubs guarantee upscale family life in the most beautiful of the Elbe suburbs.


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