Duesseldorf Carlstadt The Theodor Hofhaus Fassade

Luxury apartments The Theodor

Address Bilker Sraße 23, Düsseldorf
Architect Kessel und Züger Architekten
Completion 2022
Units 10
SQM from 150 SQM to 263 SQM
Status sold

The beautiful ensemble, located in the immediate vicinity of Carlsplatz, comprises a light front building with old building flair and the rear brick building connected by a charming courtyard. Completed in 2022.

In this world, there are a handful of extraordinary places that fascinate their visitors in a particular way: with their location, their history, and their completely unique feeling. Places that, even after just a few minutes, clearly deliver the feeling of “I want to live here!”

It is in these select locations that the RALF SCHMITZ firm chooses to build homes; currently, a unique development in Düsseldorf’s Carlstadt is being planned.

Düsseldorf-Carlstadt The Theodor Strassenhaus Rueckfassade
Düsseldorf-Carlstadt Theodor Straßenhaus Rückfassade
Duesseldorf Carlstadt The Theodor Hofhaus Fassade
Düsseldorf Carlstadt mit einem Vorderhaus mit Altbauflair und einem Hofgebäude mit insgesamt zehn luxuriösen Wohnungen
Duesseldorf-Carlstadt Bilkerstrasse The Theodor-Interior
Duesseldorf-Carlstadt Bilkerstrasse The Theodor mit Blick von der Kueche

On Bilker Strasse, residents live in landmarked buildings that date back to the founding of the neighborhood. Our development, THE THEODOR, fits in seamlessly.

10 exclusive apartments are planned, including a generously sized penthouse. No apartment layout will be like the other; THE THEODOR is completely custom. The intricate brickwork will make the courtyard building particularly attractive- and long-lasting.


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Florian Kessel, Kessel and Züger Architekten, about THE THEODOR, in Düsseldorf-Carlstadt: “A development that fulfills the highest expectations of sophisticated living, while simultaneously paying respect to the architectural and historical background of its surroundings.” The combination of urbanist responsibility, timeless architecture and art create an ideal connection between the historic Carlstadt and the understanding of architecture that RALF SCHMITZ cherishes.
Duesseldorf-Carlstadt The Theodor Hofhaus Eingang
Duesseldorf-Carlstadt The Theodor Hofhaus Eingang
Dusseldorf Carlstadt The Theodor Strassenhaus Frontfassade
Dusseldorf Carlstadt The Theodor Strassenhaus Frontfassade

In total, the classically timeless, historical-seeming building will boast around 1900 square meters of living space spread across five stories in the front-facing building and the slightly lower garden building made of brick, both connected by a charmingly landscaped courtyard. A sensitive melange of various architectural details will bring everything together.

The underground garage has 17 parking spots and high security standards. Our elegant interior design in the baths, foyers, elevators, and staircases will complete the living atmosphere in modern comfort.

“While I have used elements from the local area, it is in a suggestive way rather than specific. In the foreground of the painting is water, suggesting the Rhine. There are fruit, butterflies, and flowers denoting the abundance of local flora and fauna, as well as symbols of culture, like a musical instrument waiting to be played. While people are intentionally absent, the half-full wine glasses hint at human presence.

The painting positions THE THEODOR in a hidden garden with exotic inhabitants and surprises—a pelican looks directly out at the viewer, extending an invitation to enter. Along with a few chattering Halsbandsittiche=parakeets, a different type of parrot pokes its head in from outside the picture frame at the upper left. With a nod to another actual inhabitant of Düsseldorf, a dachshund is peeking out at these more exotic inhabitants. I wanted to create a feeling of richness and mystery, to suggest a hidden, imaginary landscape that can be accessed by visitors to THE THEODOR.”

—Shelley Reed

Ralf Schmitz commissioned Shelley Reed with the artwork ‘By the Theodor’

Duesseldorf-Carlstadt The Theodor by Shelley Reed
Duesseldorf-Carlstadt The Theodor by Shelley Reed