A visit to the ALEXANDER-Berlin

5. March 2021

Construction work continues in ALEXANDER Berlin. Slightly set back, deep, beautifully planted front gardens provide discreet shielding at this urban address and are at the same time a sign of an absolutely unique highlight: Because the ALEXANDER offers a refuge in its large courtyard - an opulent Jardin Botanique with water feature, surrounded by native and exotic plants. Palm-like tree ferns and trumpet trees, arrow bamboo, grasses and fragrant flowers combine to form a quiet green retreat in the middle of the metropolis. Here are some impressions from the current construction process.

Alexander Berlin
Alexander Berlin

Alexander is looking for proximity to the Berlin brick tradition, as we know it mainly from industrial, commercial or public buildings. The new apartment building is an expot and a loner, like the surrounding houses: here no house resembles the other, cloudy jumping like the architecture of the facades. Overlooking Ludwichkirchplatz.

Good neighbourliness gives a feeling like the bass in the music: it rarely has a solo – but if it is missing, then nothing is true anymore. It makes the rhythm and gives harmonies its backbone. Here the bass is called: Ludwigkirchplatz. This Italian-looking piazza frames a magnificent brick church. There are no chain stores in the side streets, where most restaurants, cafés, shops and galleries are small, fine and owner-managed – they offer the special, the stylish and selected.

Alexander Berlin
Alexander Berlin
Alexander Berlin Fassade mit Staffelgeschoss

The charming corner has been regarded as a highly sought-after residential address for generations. This is what the building will look like, when it is completed.


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