Living in a Box

1. November 2017

Rarely are you more conscious of the passage of time that when waiting for something special. What’s more, such times seem to pass so much slower than others.

That’s why RALF SCHMITZ has come up with a unique way of helping to ease our clients’ wait and making them even more excited about their exceptional new home: a handsome, linen-clad box containing everything they need to start developing suitably elegant interiors before even receiving the keys – from smart floor plans to quality material samples and stylish colour swatches.

“Clients often have to wait a long time between buying a property and moving in, so we came up with the idea of giving them something tangible that would whet their appetite for the fantastic home that awaits them – and allow them to start making their own decisions on aspects of the interior design,” says Richard Alexander Schmitz, one of the company’s directors.

Haus Friedrich Berlin-Grunewald Verkaufsmaterialien
Material Sammlung Ralf Schmitz
Exclusivity and aesthetic perfection: the distinctive RALF SCHMITZ signature is apparent in every detail.

“It also has the positive side-effect that clients start thinking about fixtures and fittings and letting us know their choices early on, meaning we don’t have to act upon decisions at the last minute,” explains Schmitz, who naturally is the proud owner of a stylish samples box himself, having received one when work began on his own new home.

Right from the initial sales consultations, we liaise closely with our customer services team to propose bespoke colour and material schemes that blend perfectly with the individual property’s architecture.

“A lot of clients say that played a key role in shaping their tastes,” says the Kempen-based developer. Small swatches of natural stone and wood plus samples for built-in fixtures help the client choose suitable fixtures in advance and, together with the colour swatches, allow them to put together their own kind of mood board.

Lastly, a deceptively real-looking and beautifully framed visualisation of their purchased property greets them as soon as they lift the lid. Clad in fine linen, the “Schmitz Box”, as it has been dubbed by loyal customers, features the same meticulous attention to detail as our first-class apartments and villas in Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf or Kempen and has, over the years, gained many fans. “Buyers often lend them to friends and acquaintances for inspiration,” says Richard Alexander Schmitz.