Robust Magic

In luxurious RALF SCHMITZ homes, the magic of a well-built environment
comes from one generously used natural material: wood!


The kind of magic which unfolds when shapely doors, elegant parquet, fine staircases and handrails or functional-aesthetic built-in wardrobes have been created from different woods, are known to those who live with this unique natural material: it brings life in to the home; for generations. Its fine scent wafts through dressing rooms and living rooms alike, the warm groan on a step lends a priceless feeling of being at home. There is hardly a material that ages more beautifully.

Architectural hierarchies: in this city villa on Düsseldorf’s Achenbachstraße, the impressive herringbone parquet floor, gracefully curved wooden window frames and classic double doors underscore the elegance of the residence.

“Those who live with wood impart their home with life – now and for generations to come!”

Oiled oak parquet flooring and the white lacquered wooden staircase, which winds through the city home in Düsseldorf-Oberkassel, lend the property a warmth and sense of comfort.

Often inspired by examples of historical carpentry, all molded components are built by our carpenters to the highest standards of craftsmanship. Their construction does not compromise their style, as is crucial for any revival of historical architecture; this adherence to older values is combined with a modern aesthetic and functional requirements in order to create well-proportioned and contemporary interiors.

Wood, custom made: It is often only a few millimeters or degrees too many that the natural material cannot forgive. In the cozy window seats in Haus Bahren or in the almost Japanese inspired dressing room, the most accomplished craftsmanship guarantees that everything will fit perfectly.

Delicately profiled interior doors, banks of windows and an artfully laid parquet floor do much to impart the character of a residence. A well planed wooden staircase, such in the apartment building Eisenzahn I, inserts itself seamlessly into its surroundings. One any less well executed might painfully stand out. In order to avoid such a faux pas, stylistic as well as technical details allow the works in wood to shine and lend public spaces an extraordinarily tasteful atmosphere.