Master Sketches

1. April 2019

We all carry within us a kind of art and symmetry gene that allows us to take in the parameters of beauty. To gaze upon well-proportioned façades is just as pleasurable as looking at a beautiful face.

The RALF SCHMITZ firm not only aims to please the inhabitants of its buildings but also any person moving through public space, so we focus on three essential things in our building projects, whether it’s an exclusive urban villa, an elegant townhouse, or a spectacular apartment building: its use, its durability and its beauty.

Meisterzeichnungen – Emser Strasse

EISENZAHN 1 – Berlin-Charlottenburg

The high expectation of each individual project is already visible in the architectural plans: delicate lines serve as the appealing two-dimensional invitation to imagine the three dimensional reality therein. We pride ourselves on producing architectural plans so beautiful that one could hang them as art without a second thought.

The façade of our newest, not yet completed ALEXANDER in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district is almost meditatively symmetrical. Near the Kurfürstendamm, the building will consist of 42 exceptional homes on seven floors. Immediately visible in the project plans, the architecture of ALEXANDER is replete with proportion, composition and balance.

The Renaissance architect and draftsman Andrea Palladio (1508-1580) once said, “beauty will result from the form and the correspondence of the whole, with respect to several parts with regard to each other and then again to the whole: that the structure may appear an entire and complete body, wherein each member agrees with the other and all necessary what you intend to form.” This approach is still relevant today and is evident in the careful selection of renowned companies that RALF SCHMITZ works with to deliver the high expectations and building culture of the firm.

Whether they are charming city homes like those in Hamburg Nienstedten (below, left), impressive apartment buildings like the one on Greifweg in the middle of Dusseldorf, a fine duo of urban villas in Berlin’s Dahlem district or urban luxury in Mitte (bottom left), our ever-present love of architecture as well as an uncompromising and timeless design vocabulary are the through-lines that reach from our original architectural plans all the way to the finished building!

Greifweg-14 – Düsseldorf
Greifweg-14 – Düsseldorf

Greifweg 14 – Dusseldorf

Zeichnung Gelfertstrasse
Zeichnung Linienstrasse-72