Transmitting Culture

Subtle marketing tools underscore the exclusive feeling of moving into a new home


Ralf Schmitz Partnetschaft
The RALF SCHMITZ Box contains pre-selected materials in line with the style of the project as inspiration.

Speaking a language means taking in a world, a culture. And when you buy an exclusive piece of real estate with RALF SCHMITZ, you can learn the language of especially high-quality architecture very quickly.

The developer accompanies its clients throughout the entire construction process, from the initial consultation to the execution of the buyer’s completely individual wishes for the fitting of her home and later the care and maintenance of the property.

With refined tools such as charming, carefully designed and informative sales documents or an individual RALF SCHMITZ Box, buyers not only understand their new homes better, step for step, but also the company’s thoughtful full-service philosophy. Always with a nod to tradition, always with the client in mind, and always dedicated to refined architecture, the tools reflect the corporate identity of RALF SCHMITZ and our clear, transparent line.

Richly illustrated sales documents thoroughly inform interested buyers about the real estate, its surroundings, and the architecture of RALF SCHMITZ.

“Our clients are not interested in pomp; they are attracted instead to a clear sense of style and the highest quality materials,” says a Berlin team member in Acquisitions and Sales. “The entire style of RALF SCHMITZ speaks to a certain kind of client, who is educated with cultivated taste.”

Only value endures – as does a good book! Our opulent coffee table book shows the diversity of the striking new developments in the RALF SCHMITZ portfolio, as well as of their refined interiors.

With this clientele in mind and moving with the times, the company had renowned New York agency Pandiscio Green reconceive and design a new visual language for the company. From each pencil down to the soap, almost everything in the company is “monogramed” with the elegant initials RS.

Tasteful renderings and photographs strikingly visualize each project that the company develops.

Furthermore, journalists, art historians and professors of architecture regularly aid in the development of our marketing materials, website texts or contribute versed articles to company publications that, with their knowledgeable descriptions, make more tangible for perspective buyers not only the real estate itself but also its environs, architecture and style.

Do you already speak the language of RALF SCHMITZ?