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Keeping architectural values and time-honored traditions alive for future generations is the driving force of our family firm. We are one of
Germany’s leading real estate developers and we represent this stability at our four company locations around the country.


RALF SCHMITZ sells highest-end properties to the whole world. But to visit our company’s offices, you don’t have to go very far. They’re located in Kempen, Düsseldorf, Berlin and Hamburg and are, of course, always nestled in the most beautiful corners of these cities. In all of the company offices, located in impressive, often landmarked turn-of-the-century buildings, the company’s stylistic canon is always on display, both inside and out – a successful symbiosis of classicism and timeless modernity.

Villa Brandenburg, once the home of an industrialist, has been the company’s headquarters since 1998. It was lovingly and painstakingly restored in the unmistakable RALF SCHMITZ style.

The creative mind behind the tasteful interiors of the RALF SCHMITZ offices is the Düsseldorf architect Oliver Jungel, who has been working closely with the firm for nearly 20 years. Come along on a little RALF SCHMITZ journey through the federal republic!

Let’s start in the far west. Kempen on the Lower Rhine is where the company was founded and where its main offices are still located today. In no other location is the stroll through the company’s architectural history as impressive as it is here. Whether it’s a luxury condominium in a top location or an impressive monastery courtyard in the center of the old town, the municipal hospital or a high school, the architectural imprint of the Schmitz family is in many corners and on almost every stylish property in this beautiful town.

The interior of the Düsseldorf office in Oberkassel is filled with art by local artists from Ralf Schmitz’s personal collection. A touch of local color was very important to him.

Just a short drive away from the headquarters in Kempen is the company’s Düsseldorf office, housed in a landmarked turn-of-the-century building located directly on the banks of the Rhine, in the Oberkassel neighborhood. Düsseldorf values the concepts of prestige, luxury and value stability more than almost any other city in Germany and they are mirrored in countless properties that the Schmitz family has added to the cityscape over the years. Premium condominiums, townhouses and luxurious urban villas are spread throughout the city, from the genteel Zooviertel to the hip Flingern neighborhood, the promenade along the banks of the Rhine to the well-heeled Oberkassel.

As multifaceted as the city of Berlin is, so is its architectural landscape. Since the establishment of the company in its easternmost location in 2004, Ralf Schmitz’s properties have been an essential part of the luxury property scene in Berlin. Whether it’s a modern loft in the creative Mitte neighborhood or the idyllic new build in quiet Dahlem, a luxury apartment in dignified Westend, an elegant condominium on the Kurfürstendamm or a grand villa in Grunewald, RALF SCHMITZ creatives completely individual dream homes in the best locations the metropolis on the Spree has to offer.

The offices on Berlin’s splendid Kurfürstendamm are timelessly modern. Contemporary design, classic French pieces from the 1940’s and turn-of-the-century architecture make for a stylish ambiance.

Established only recently in the north of Germany, but carefully placed in the best locations of the port city of Hamburg, RALF SCHMITZ has been building high-end properties and impressive first-class family homes there since 2011. With offices located near the upscale Neuer Wall shopping mile, very close to the city’s Binnenalster lake, RALF SCHMITZ has continued its hallmark of striking architecture and modern buildings with extraordinary apartments. As different as the various RALF SCHMITZ locations are, one thing unites them: to create high-quality homes that give their residents the space and aesthetics needed to be able to concentrate on what really matters!