Living in Achenbach 43

4. March 2021

A major consulting firm recently named Düsseldorf one of the most livable cities in the world in their annual ranking. Living standards in Düsseldorf are very high and beautiful home properties are distributed throughout the city. Those lucky enough to own a piece of exclusive residential real estate in Düsseldorf may be a bit more selective. While many wealthy Düsseldorfers have historically settled in Ober- and Niederkassel or the pretty outlying districts of Wittlaer, Kaiserwerth and Angermund, a new generation of ambitious singles, couples and young families are staying in the city’s central districts, on the “other” side of the Rhine. City districts that can boast plenty of green spaces and relaxed tranquility, despite their central location, are increasingly popular. These neighborhoods, so close to the city’s lively center, facilitate working, going out and shopping in close proximity.

Dusseldorf-Zoo-Achenbach43 Gerageneinfahrt
Duesseldorf-Duesseltal Tiergartenstrasse Hardenberg Aussenansicht Frontal
Duesseldorf-Duesseltal Tiergartenstrasse Hardenberg Aussenansicht Frontal

Enjoy the upscale flair in the Zooviertel, Düsseldorf.

New residents bring a breath of fresh air to the dignified districts and ensure the contemporary development of these centrally located residential islands. While long-established residents retain the chilled-out offline spirit of earlier decades, showing themselves here and there as progressive urbanites. In this way, the neighborhoods remain diverse and cosmopolitan. Many of these characteristics are also emblematic of Düsseltal in the heart of the state capital. However, this district’s special flair is due to its successfully retaining its traditionally middle-class character and a certain exclusivity. Very few inner cities manage this, as they are often overrun by construction booms, rampant speculation and large population fluctuations.   

The so-called Zooviertel has successfully managed to thrive sustainably and carefully. High-quality old buildings and neighborhoods with villa-like developments guarantee and preserve the upscale flair, because living here has always been and continues to be a top priority. Numerous properties here have been built to last 100 years or more, and so the district reflects the history of its old residential buildings, many from the turn of the 19th century. New buildings integrate almost seamlessly into the existing architecture. Discreet luxury and the most modern attention to detail characterize the progress of these districts, always with special attention to tradition. The neighborhood has grown and developed organically and authentically, resisting the artificiality that is often a consequence of sped-up urban development.

Düsseltal, its inhabitants and also its architecture thrive on this. Its aesthetic coexistence of old and new residential buildings and its atmosphere of comfort define the area. Residents and visitors alike experience the feeling of a comfortable, friendly and safe living space. And it is always a place of retreat, which creates some distance from the fast and complex world of everyday life, or simply from the hustle and bustle of the big city. At its best, a carefully developed old city quarter like the Zooviertel is able to decouple itself and its residents from the frenzy of the digital age. In keeping with this spirit, an architectural red-brick jewel on Düsseldorf’s Achenbachstrasse will be unveiled in the spring of 2021. Ralf Schmitz’s successful Achenbach 43 project will finally shed its scaffolding and become part of Düsseldorf’s green district. Its exclusive residential culture with a taste for old architecture will blend into the quiet part of the street. 

After almost two years of construction, 18 luxurious apartments have been built here behind a 45-meter-long clinker facade. The building is carefully integrated into the surroundings and constructed with the highest quality materials. Classic elements—large floor plans, high ceilings— combined with the highest levels of comfort and modern interiors are the hallmarks of Ralf Schmitz Immobilien, and the exclusive apartments of Achenbach 43 fully embody this symbiosis. The result is a perfect retreat right on the edge of the center.

Duesseldorf-Duesseltal Tiergartenstrasse Hardenberg Esszimmer
Duesseldorf-Duesseltal Tiergartenstrasse Hardenberg Esszimmer

The entrance area of Haus Hardenberg in Düsseltal, which was completed in 2012.

Dusseldorf-Zoo Achenbach 43 Eingang
Dusseldorf-Zoo Achenbach 43 Eingang

Two steps lead to the main entrance of Achenbach 43.


In good company: The neighboring house “Haus Egmond” is also a RALF SCHMITZ property.

Dusseldorf-Zoo Achenbach43 Gerageneinfahrt

The garage entrance is a large wooden gate and an elevator takes you straight to all floors.


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