The Full-Service Philosophy

From initial consultations to hassle-free handovers and more, RALF SCHMITZ ensures
luxury home buyers enjoy expert support every step of the way.


“The only difficulty was deciding which of the beautiful materials to choose,” says one satisfied client of the options presented at our elegant Düsseldorf offices.

At RALF SCHMITZ, we put the customer first – that’s why we never compromise in our pursuit of peerless quality and design. Founded in 1864, our family-run firm remains locally rooted, flexible and quick to react. What’s more, we only work with renowned architects and skilled contractors who embrace the same traditional values as we do, thus ensuring every one of our luxury apartments and houses delivers the high standards we promise – an approach that has already earned us countless satisfied customers.

To guarantee each buyer gets exactly the home they want, RALF SCHMITZ sets great store by a thorough and comprehensive consultation process. From the first expression of interest on, they are supported by advisers whose aim is not to conclude a quick sale, but to achieve total customer satisfaction. “Clients appreciate that we don’t pressurise them during the sales process; that establishes trust,” says a staff member from the Berlin office.

It also facilitates the kind of friendly ties that, for company director Ralf Schmitz, are the bedrock of fruitful relationships. He himself still sometimes works in sales to better understand buyers’ wants and needs. His own good name, after all, is what gives them the security that every planned project, be it in Kempen, Düsseldorf, Hamburg or Berlin, will develop into a unique prime-location property with all the firm’s trademark qualities.


Once the contract is signed, all clients have to do is select materials and products from the fittings catalogue and inform their adviser what they have chosen. The enclosed price lists mean there is transparency right from the start and make additional costs easier to manage.

“Maintaining contact with our clients beyond the initial development is the most important and honest way of getting feedback.”

Ralf Schmitz

Our dedicated service team takes care of the client’s every need, while hard-working maintenance staff ensure buildings and grounds are always well looked after too.

What’s more, new homeowners can rely on our customer service team even after they’ve taken possession and moved in, whether they discover an attempted break-in or find a window won’t close. For us, full service and quality assurance are indivisible. As Ralf Schmitz says: “Maintaining contact with our clients beyond the initial development is the most important and honest way of getting feedback.”

It’s only logical then that the firm should look after the upkeep and maintenance of building and grounds via its own property management services; after all, only such a full-service approach can give us insights into how well our homes stand the test of time. Of course, nothing demonstrates long-term satisfaction quite like a loyal customer. As one client who has bought a number of the firm’s properties over the years once said to Ralf Schmitz: “You know, I would’ve really liked to buy from someone else this time – but there’s no one that compares to you!”