The finishing touch

Three good reasons for using luxurious natural stones to refine any room


Conspicuously inconspicuous: Greenish Verde Salvan granite extravagantly cloaks the Greifweg façade in Düsseldorf, subtly referencing the exoticism of Art Déco design.

To start, a few basic facts about natural stone: not every natural stone is marble. Most of the time, other stones like limestone, granite, quartzite or sandstone are the ones “hiding” under the polished and delicately shimmering surface. But whether marble or quartzite, what all natural stones share is an irresistible versatility that allows them to shine as a beautiful component of any kind of interior.


1. IT’s unique!

The individual grain make each piece of natural stone unique, as well as giving it a luxurious tone and channeling restrained elegance. Some natural stones, like the elegant verde salvan granite used on the façade of our development on Düsseldorf’s Greifweg, even have a touch of the exotic about them.


What an arrival! What a departure! Precious Grigio Carnico with a Carrara frieze welcome you into the luxurious elevator.

2. Lasts a lifetime!

Since antiquity, natural stone has been considered one of the highest quality materials in architecture. Wealthy Romans paneled entire rooms with natural stones, used them for benches and sinks or commissioned impressive sculptures for their enormous gardens. People fought passionately for the most beautiful and pure pieces of the eternally popular white Carrara marble, used by the most famous sculptors in the world, which explains why the lighter kind is called “statuario”, which means statuesque in Italian.

Natural stone is appealing not just for its natural beauty but for its versatility: The clouds, avenues and veins apparent in every polished stone awaken our fantasies by mirroring light and telling the story of earth’s ancient history.


Natural stones and earth-toned marble are transformed into the highest-quality decor elements in the luxurious bathrooms of RALF SCHMITZ.

3. Unparalleled functionality!

The upsides of using natural stones are manifold: they are easy on the environment, are simple to process, are eminently durable and resilient, age beautifully, are fireproof, hypoallergenic and low maintenance.
Any more questions?


Natural stone is the perfect material for RALF SCHMITZ’s elegant but always functional homes. So we are happy to use them frequently and generously in the luxurious master baths, as fireplace surrounds, in inviting foyers or as decorative elements on building façades – and we hope they last forever!