Rendering and Reality

So convincing are the visualisations created by RALF SCHMITZ’s architects, it can be hard to tell computer image and built work apart.

Work in progress: one of the many stages in the process of turning architectural plans into a virtual, three-dimensional luxury property.

Photograph or computer-generated image? It can be almost impossible to tell the difference. Is that an actual cloud? And what about the leaves on the pavement, or the classic car parked out front? The renderings of elegant townhouses, high-quality apartment buildings and refined villas created on behalf of RALF SCHMITZ look so convincingly real, they can have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief.

Spot the difference: only the clouds in the sky and the parked cars outside our luxury Eisenzahn 1 apartment building distinguish rendering (right) from reality.

The tradition of captivating architectural visualisations dates back to the late baroque, when technical drawings of exceptional artistic quality – such as those by Piranesi – were seen for the first time. But what of today’s architectural illusions? As with technical drawings or sketches, their primary purpose is to model the author’s plans and to thus serve as a form of customer guarantee – a guarantee that buyers know, long before completion, what they are getting, i.e. what their building will look like.

Be they of our prestigious Eisenzahn 1 apartment building in the desirable heart of Charlottenburg or our charming townhouses in the historic centre of Kempen, accomplished renderings of RALF SCHMITZ projects allow would-be owners to picture themselves in the visualised scene. They also faithfully convey the signature style and formal language of the architect and developer and, with their exceptional quality, reflect the standards buyers can expect from the finished property. What’s more, they enable certain aspects of the design to be highlighted in a naturalistic fashion, meaning perspectives, layouts and the integration within the surroundings can be checked again and again and improved where necessary. As for that guarantee: if reality turns out to mirror the rendering, then the developer has surely delivered exactly what they promised. Judge for yourself.

Both the naturalistic rendering and the actual streetscape show how our Peterstrasse development in old Kempen seamlessly blends the historic and the new.