Bringing clarity to complexity – Ralf Schmitz writes

14. March 2018

In his regular newspaper column, the developer illuminates wide-ranging and often complex topics. A man with over 40 years’ experience in the field, Ralf Schmitz knows a thing or two about property, be it buying your own home, investing in bricks and mortar, providing for old age, or taking advantage of historically low interest rates. And he’s more than happy to share his insights and opinions when asked, something he does in a no-nonsense, easily understood and often entertaining way that helps make the subject matter more approachable.

Portrait Ralf Schmitz
Geschäftsführung Ralf Schmitz
Geschäftsführung Ralf Schmitz

He’s also a man with long-standing roots in the Rhineland region, so when the respected Rheinische Post newspaper, the area’s highest-circulation daily, asked him to give its approximately 800,000 readers the benefit of his expertise, he of course jumped at the chance. In his six-weekly column in the paper’s Property and Money section, Ralf Schmitz comments in inimitable fashion on whatever has interested, irritated or delighted him in the worlds of property and money. Always well worth a read!